An Italian tourist was arrested at Walt Disney World over the weekend for kicking his toddler son in the face while the boy was strapped in his stroller. Why would you kick your kid in the face? And at Disney world? Click below to find out more.

WiL Major

Dario Napolitano, 41, was with his wife and two sons at the resort’s Epcot theme park on Saturday afternoon when witnesses said the brutish pop kicked his 3-year-old son during a family argument, according to local repots. Witnesses said the boy cried out in pain, and security guards quickly called police.
The boy’s mother was yelling “No, no, no!” during the incident, Central Florida News reported.
Cops said Napolitano admitted to hitting the boy because he was misbehaving.

“I wouldn’t kick my sons in the face for anything,” parkgoer John Cissio told Orlando station WFTV.
“It doesn’t matter if he was at Disney or if he was in church. If he’s going to kick his son in the face, there’s something wrong with him,” he said.
Park medical staff treated the boy for cuts around his eyes, bruises and swelling.
Napolitano, who told police he was a doctor, was charged with child abuse and was later freed on $2,000 bond.