A brainy California boy is on his way to getting a college degree — and he’s only 9 years old. Tanishq Abraham isn’t just taking courses at American River College, where he first enrolled at age 7. He’s also been invited to give guest lectures on topics like astronomy and paleontology at the school. Click below to read the rest of the story.

WiL Major

“I don’t mind interacting with other college students,” Tanishq told the news station. “I like it.”
Tanishq has a voracious appetite for information, particularly when it comes to science. “I like particle physics, all of the anti-matter, and the fate of the universe and the Big Bang,” the precocious boy said in an interview for an episode of “Prodigies,” a YouTube show detailing the lives of young geniuses that debuted on July 2 with a profile of Tanishq.

The boy genius has been studying math and science online since he was 3, according to local ABC affiliate News 10, and his parents first had his intelligence tested when he was just 4 and a half. Tanishq’s high score got him accepted into Mensa, a society of people with exceptionally high IQs.
“I think as parents, our dream is that he achieves his full potential,” his father, Bijou Abraham, told News 10. “Our challenge is to keep him stimulated, not bored and to advance. We don’t want him to stagnate.”