Kim and Kanye may be getting themselves into some legal trouble. Click below to find out the details.

Melissa Nash

But who’s surprised?
Cuz it seems like Kris Humphries‘ legal team will try anything to convince the judge his marriage with Kim Kardashian was a shammy set-up.
But we’re wondering how many chuckles his legal team will get when they tell the court they’ve been Keeping Up with the Kardashians.
Yep, they’ve been watching it all right! They want to get the (edited) dirt on Kanye West’s relationship with Kimmy K.
One insider even says:
“They will be questioning Kim about her relationship with Kanye as he has been appearing on the show. During last week’s episode, Kim revealed that she and Kanye have a lot in common, including cars. Kris’ lawyers want to know when Kim and Kanye first hooked up– was it recently, or did they have a dalliance in the past? Team Humphries will also want to know about Kanye’s involvement with the reality show — for instance, is he being paid, are there plans for a spin-off show for the new couple? Kris’ lawyers will use this as evidence that Kris was duped into marrying Kim because of the pressure the family is under because of their reality shows.”
Hmm… We didn’t practice law, but that doesn’t sound like too much of a case to us. C’mon… using reality tv as evidence?? Puh-lease!!
But Kim’s deposition is supposed to go down within the next two-three weeks so we’ll see how it develops from there…. but we have a feeling Kim’s not in any trouble.