Evander Holyfield has some company in the fraternity of athletes missing a piece of their ear. Check out the details and pic of his ear after the jump…


No one bit Texans quarterback Matt Schaub during Sunday’s win over the Broncos, but Denver linebacker Joe Mays did deliver a nasty and illegal hit to Schaub’s head in the third quarter — the second straight play featuring a Broncos defender roughing Schaub — of Houston’s 31-25 victory. Schaub’s helmet came off went to the ground and put his hands over his ears in what looked like a response to an injury that would be putting T.J. Yates back in command of the Houston offense.

Schaub missed just one play, though, and said after the game that he was fine. With one little exception.

“I felt fine,” Schaub said, via the Houston Chronicle. “Lost a piece of my ear.”

Schaub’s return was very quick given the type of hit he sustained. In this time of heightened consciousness about concussions, it was surprising to see Schaub get back on the field without even a cursory look to see if he’d suffered any kind of head injury. There’s no suggestion that Schaub was concussed on the play nor that the Texans worked around the rules to get him back on the field, just a note that it was an unusually fast turnaround from a hit to the head in today’s NFL.

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