Yesterday afternoon, a woman that had been involved in Wiz Khalifa’s recent video shoot filed a police report against him, saying he’d crashed into her car as they left the shoot and proceeded on his way. Could Wiz have really been that dumb? I mean, he was a child on the way! Do you think he’d really want to risk being in a lot more trouble for no reason? But then again, he may have been under the influence. However, now new evidence is pointing in his favor.

TMZ has now been made aware of two cars that Wiz hit in the alleged incident, the second being a Lexus which had some serious damage. Not as much damage, however, as Wiz’s own car, a classic ’69 Chevelle. They even obtained video of the scene, and you can see two men mulling over the damage and one distinctly sounds like Wiz. The footage is below, though it’s very grainy. The car looks pretty undriveable, so it’s hard to believe he “fled the scene” in that. This is all pretty confusing, but the truth will come to the light soon!

Marisa Mendez