We’ve all seen the anger and the jokes from fans, now one man is taking it to another level.  Dr. Christopher Smith, a Wisconsin eye doctor, is offering FREE Lasik surgery to the men who called the Packers-Seahawks game on Monday night.


Monday night’s dramatic last-minute loss to the Seattle Seahawks has many Green Bay Packers fans wondering if the referees have eye trouble.

That’s why a Wisconsin eye care provider wants to help the NFL referee who made the game-deciding call see more clearly.

Dr. Christopher Smith is offering free Lasik surgery to the replacement referees who officiated Monday night’s game.

“Yeah. The referees obviously they had some vision issues,” Smith said. “So we decided that we could help them with that.”

Smith says he and his staff will also talk to the referees about decision-making, and the rules of football.

No word yet on whether the NFL will take the eye doctor up on his offer.

Story by SI Hot Clicks via Fox19
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