Stephen G. Hill, the president of Music Programming & Specials and the man who manages everything backstage at the BET Award’s show, has spoken out to explain the full story behind the Rick Ross/Jeezy fight. He has said that the media has twisted the story… Click below to find out his version of the story!

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Stephen G. Hill is the President of Music Programming and Specials, and is often the main man behind the scenes of all of the BET Award shows. He knows the full story regarding the alleged fight that occurred between Young Jeezy and Rick Ross’ crew back stage. Many media outlets have apparently been twisting the facts of the story, according to Hill. The altercation was nowhere near as serious as people have made it seem, nor did any actual fight take place at any time backstage between Ross or Jeezy.

He revealed to Complex the details of the actual altercation, and discredited much of the fabricated tales that have been told thus far.

“I think there’s a lot of misinformation that went out. For the Twitter Generation, 140 characters for some people just equals truth—no matter who it’s from, no matter where those people are—whatever you read on Twitter is true. I think that’s one of the real problems of information accumulation in the last 5–6 years or so. There was absolutely an altercation behind the stage, it involved the crews of Ross and Jeezy. Ross and Jeezy passed each other in the hall. There was some shoving—it never turned into a fight. They realized it’s an awards show. They realized we spend a lot of money to make hip-hop look good on TV. We want to give them the same shining forum that other music forms get.

“Maybe some members of the crew weren’t thinking that way. It was a dust-up, and it was over like that. I mean I’ve seen it on TMZ, there happened to be a mirror there, they weren’t throwing the mirror—it kind of just got in the way. If you look, people are trying to avoid the mirror as it falls. And Ross is walking towards the stage. This happened right before he went on stage.

“When Ross takes that left to get to the doorway, that’s roughly where I am. It was during a commercial break, so I wasn’t at the desk where I usually am, and when I came back, Ross was getting ready to go on stage. I had no idea what had just happened. It didn’t spill out into the stage by any stretch of the imagination. We’ve debriefed as many people as humanly possible. It was not the artists (involved in the shoving match).”