It’s been fifty years since Italian automaker Ermini shuttered its doors, but it looks as if that hiatus has come to an end. The Florence-based sportscar manufacturer plans to launch a new creation, possibly called Seiottosei or 686, by the end of next year. The rear-engine, rear-wheel drive sportster will feature a space frame construction wherein the engine and the sequential transmission serve as structural members. The company isn’t saying what sort of powerplant the car will use, though the questionably translated press release seems to indicate Ermini will eschew large displacement options for something lighter and more sprightly. Even so, the company plans to give its creation a power-to-weight ratio on par with most supercars.

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The carbon fiber body panels for the “Barchetta Sport” model were penned by Giulio Cappellini, a designer from outside of the automotive sphere, and Ermini promises the finished product will be easy to maintain, offer low emissions and responsible fuel consumption.
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