Earlier this week, Bow Wow told a judge that he was broke and only making $4,000 a month with only $1,500 in the bank. Many found it hard to believe that Bow was this broke but others weren’t shocked at all due to his lack of music and movies lately. Now we learned that creditors have been after Bow for the past three years over the lack of payment of a Ferrari he leased back in ’05. Bow was doing well, financially, back then but stopped making payments on the car in February of ’09. Find out how much Bow owes below.

Julie A.

When Bow Wow fell behind with payments in ’09 he owed $216,084.75 and now due to interest he owes $283,785.13 and from his lack of finances it seems like it’s going to take Bow a long time to finish off his payment unless BET is giving him a huge paycheck.