Really though? This man is just too much. Jerry Sandusky made a dramatic statement from his jail cell saying that he’s just a victim in a huge conspiracy and has accused everyone (including victims and the media) of setting him up. Click below to hear his statement.

Melissa Nash

Jerry Sandusky recorded a dramatic statement from his jail cell — on the eve of his sentencing for the Penn State child sex abuse scandal — and accused everyone from his victims to the media … to the university for orchestrating his conviction.

In his statement, the disgraced ex football coach says, “A young man who was dramatic, a veteran accuser, and always sought attention, started everything.”

Sandusky goes on to say the initial accuser “was joined by a well-orchestrated effort of the media, investigators, the system, Penn State, psychologists, civil attorneys and other accusers. They won. I’ve wondered what they really won: Attention, financial gain, prestige… will all be temporary.”

Sandusky also rambles about his attorneys not having enough time to prepare for the trial — in which the jury found him guilty of 45 counts of child sex deviance — and insinuates all his accusers came forward purely for financial gain.

And there’s this odd claim … on the recording, Sandusky says his wife “has been his only sex partner that was after marriage. Our love continues.”

Sandusky is scheduled to be sentenced tomorrow morning … and faces up to 400 years in prison.