I thought we would never see the day troubled star Lindsay Lohan would agree to a one on one interview about herself and her family issues. However, finally Lindsay has accepted Barbara Walter’s invitation to do so. Most are hoping she will be a complete open book and finally reveal what has been really going on. We still do not know the exact date this will take place or air, but we will keep you updated. For more info click below.

Eloisa Melo

Well, it’s about time! Nobody can argue that Lindsay Lohan doesn’t have A LOT to talk about these days!

Within the last month, the troubled starlet has got into a physical confrontation with her mother Dina, been allegedly assaulted over cell phone photos in her hotel room, and may or may not have hit someone with her car, and now, is planning to sit down for a new, one-on-one interview with none other than Barbara Walters!

However, despite her laundry list of ahem, ‘extracurriculars’ prompting more than a few questions, don’t expect Babs to even touch upon them when this shiz actually airs!

According to sources close to the actress, the sole reason she’s even agreed to sit down with the legendary journalist is because the two have been close for years, and she trusts the questions will be directed more toward her performance in the Lifetime movie Liz & Dick…and the parallels between her life and Elizabeth Taylor’s!

Can’t say we’re too surprised to hear that! But would it really matter even if Barbara decided to take the hard-hitting approach? It’s not like we expect honesty from LiLo at this point, anyway! That’s something ALL Lohans seem to be fundamentally incapable of!

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