IFWT reported about the sad situation of Captain Barkey and his Lover(Tracey Bennett) shot dead outside of a Bronx motel, which has the reggae community upset about the loss of one of their OG artists. We caught up with legendary Reggae Dj Set Massive B(Bobby Konders & Jabba) to see what they said, Hit the Jump!


I(Tat Wza) caught up with Bobby & Jabba, asked about the Captain Barkey situation, and also the Mr. Vegas situation, and If you don’t remember Vegas also caught his woman cheating on him, but unlike the man that murdered Captain Barkey, Vegas merely leaked some NSFW footage of the woman(Which Vegas Spoke to Ciph & Rosenberg About), and at the time Vegas caught some heat for doing that, But in retrospect, That was Much better than taking someone’s life!!! Here’s what Bobby & Jabba had to say: