People always complain about stars getting famous, leaving “the hood” and never coming back, but model-turned-reality star Draya Michele doesn’t fit under that category! The Basketball Wives star resides in L.A. and undoubtedly attends fancy parties with bottle service and plenty of celebs on the regular, but that doesn’t mean she can’t come back to where it all started and have a beer at the bar with her hometown friends! Over the weekend, the Reading, PA native headed back home to see her family, and saw one of her girls was having an event at the bar they’d used to frequent back in the day. So she gathered a couple of her friends and hit the spot, no “appearance fee,” no asking for free drinks…nothing. Definitely got to salute that! Check some more pics from the night via Poppin Parties in the gallery. (And shout to Beasy for a wonderful charity event earlier that night with guest speaker Dr. Johnson!)

Marisa Mendez