Hurricane Sandy
Hurricane Sandy has lost its title of Hurricane but still packs the punch of a verypowerful storm. Sandy has lost its title after landing on Southern Jersey at 90 mph. It’s still dangerous and it is predicted that many people will lose their lives. Click below to find out more.

WiL Major

The massive storm was downgraded just after it barged ashore in southern New Jersey, bringing 90-mph winds and a roiling wall of seawater as it moved inland and north toward New York City. The monster storm, still a powerful, 900-mile-wide hybrid of several weather systems, sent 30-foot-high swells toward the garden State, and as its eye passed over the shoreline, a surge as high as 10 feet tore into dunes and washed across boardwalks. The state had evacuated all shore towns ahead of the strike, with Gov. Chris Christie telling residents who ignored the evacuation orders they were “both stupid and selfish.”
“[It’s a] very intense, very dangerous storm. People will die in this storm,” Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley said Monday. “So folks will need to mind their families, stay home and hunker down.”