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Funk Flex

“The Man with the Iron Fists – You can’t spell Kung Fu without F and U” in theaters Tomorrow(November 2nd)!!!!!.”
Ok If you haven’t gotten your Clan Assembled, go ahead and get that done, here’s the link:

Again Just to Recap:
Anyway, this game is all about getting the highest score! Your score will be dependent on a bunch of different things. You can earn points by tweeting, watching videos, sharing articles, and adding Instagram photos -all in the game app. You’ll be able to track your progress via a leaderboard in the game app. Believe me, the prize is worth it! You and your friends have a chance to win $2,500 CASH! That’s crazy!
So Once again get your Clan Assembled so you can try for that $2500, In this Economy, The RZA & are trying to Help you out!!!
Just so you know we are in the Game, let’s highlight a couple members of the IFWT Clan:

Our “Warrior” is DJ Bobby Trends, one of 1st IFWT DJ’s, Now with, In These Clubs, Live Broadcasting on Hot97 every Friday night(sat Morn) 12a-2a, and Sunday’s 7p-9p on Hot97 Shaking The Block!!!!

Now Our “Scholar”, IFWT’s Site Manager, Hot97 Radio Producer, Tech Blogger, Digital Studio Producer, Straight Stuntin Magazine Writer, Politics Lover & as Joell Ortiz said “Best Across the Board like Tat and them”

And we still ask,  Are Your Clan Members as strong as Ours?? Let us Know on Facebook:

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REMEMBER, “Man With The Iron Fists” In Theaters TOMORROW!!!!!!!!