Beyonce supports our President, Barack Obama, on her new Instagram page

She’s doing it verrry slowly, but Beyonce is finally getting with the social media times. From sending her very first tweet a few months back, to then creating a Tumblr to share some really dope photos with and now, she’s on Instagram. The cutest part of the latter is that her name is so ratchet (@BaddieBey) and not only did she show off her grillzzzz, she also had a rather out-of-character (but awesome!) message for last night’s loser, Mitt Romney. I’m liking what motherhood has done to Queen Bey! LOL! Check out her new photos in the gallery, and be sure to follow her on Instagram! (She’s already amassed over 200k followers in less than 24 hours…insane!)

Marisa Mendez