Vander Reich, a 10 year old cancer patient from North Dakota and two others were killed when a car crashed into his parents SUV killing him, and both drivers on a slick Minnesota road. The only survivor, Mardee Reich the wife of the boys father was taken to the hospital in se condition. Click bellow for more at the jump.
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The tragic accident happened along a slick road Tuesday in south Minnesota.

Jack Reich was driving his family home to North Dakota after his son Vander’s operation at Saint Marys Hospital when his Chevy Surburban collided head-on with a pickup truck near Dodge Center, Minn.

Reich and his son were killed. His wife Mardee was badly injured and flown back to St. Marys in serious condition.

The driver of the pickup truck, Scott Hodgman of West Concord, was also killed instantly.

Police said all four were wearing seatbelts and are investigating the cause of the crash.

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