Well it seems like there were two Grandparents who thought it was time to teach their son a lesson and apparently they put his baby in the oven just to scare him. But before you freak out, the baby was not hurt. However it is a pretty odd way to teach your son a lesson. Keep reading to find out the whole story!

Funk Flex

It was the joke of some grandparents who set up this shot of their grandbaby in the oven to make a statement to their nervous son … and it certainly makes a statement.

It’s all sorts of disturbing at first glance, especially because there have be a few horrific cases involving children and ovens. But this one I honestly find pretty funny — especially because of why the grandparents took this picture.

According to MSN, it was the first time the new dad had left his little baby, and he was all sorts of nervous, even though he was leaving grandparents in charge. Having raised him (or his wife?) and likely pretty confident in their abilities, grandma and grandpa had a little harmless fun and cooked up this joke to mock his mistrust.

What do you think? Was this a good way to teach the father not to leave the baby alone?