On Monday,Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kenya Moore wrote a scathing blog about Cynthia Bailey and her modeling agency after a disastrous Jet Magazine Beauty of the Week open casting call.
Well,Cynthia let’s Kenya have it…
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Cynthia writes [in part] on her Bravo blog,

I don’t really know Kenya, but we do have a few friends in common. However, that does not make us friends. A mutual friend connected us, and when we spoke on the phone, Kenya could have not been more kind and gracious. Even though I had heard that she was as crazy as a road lizard, I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt. I pride myself on being the kind of woman that embraces other women and will give anybody a chance. In conversation, I mentioned to her that I had a JET casting coming up, and since she didn’t seem to busy doing anything else, I invited her to come and be a judge. She immediately jumped at the opportunity and could not thank me enough for the invite. Although we spoke on the phone, the JET casting was my first encounter with Kenya face to face.

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