Spin.com shared a dope article about which NBA Team’s roster has the most shout-outs in rap songs.  I don’t know how long it took them to do this, but it’s amazing how they put it all together.
They collected every current NBA player who has been mentioned in a rap song. Check out some of their findings….


Here are a few highlights:
* 2 teams have no players
* Knicks, Heat and Bulls are most rapped about
* Brooklyn Nets had only 2 players mentioned…and one was a diss from Kanye on Kris Humphries
* Celtics had 5 players
* Lakers had 6 players – Kobe was of course one of them
* Bulls had 7 players – D Rose was of course one of them
* Knicks had 7 players – Melo & Stat were 2 of them
* Heat had 8 players – LeBron & Wade were 2 of them

You can check which players, which songs and read the full article at SPIN.com