During the Lions thanksgiving game against the Houston Texans, defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh kicked quarterback Matt Schaub in the groin.  Suh maintains that it was an accident by Schaub says he wouldn’t want Suh on his team.  Ndamukong thinks otherwise.  Read more after the jump.

Shay Marie

In an interview with ESPN’s Merril Hoge, Suh said he knows Texans running back Arian Foster would want to play with him, and that he thinks Schaub would, too, if the situation ever arose.

“It’s his opinion,” Suh said of Schaub. “I’m fortunate and lucky enough that I’m a Detroit Lion, I don’t think I have the opportunity to be a Houston Texan. I feel that if I did have an opportunity that maybe he’d change his mind. Arian Foster loves the way that I play. He came out, I saw a brief snippet and had people tell me, that he would love to be my teammate, the way I play.

Suh says he is appealing the $30,000 fine he got for the kick, and he continues to insist that it was an accident, and that his foot just happened to connect to the wrong spot as he was being dragged to the ground.

“I had, honestly, no control over what took place because I was being pulled down,” Suh said.

Suh knows he has a reputation as a dirty player, but he doesn’t appreciate that, and he believes it is based on people not knowing what kind of person he has been throughout his football career.

“I don’t believe it’s fair,” he said. “You can’t let one particular instance or one particular act or even one particular year, say, ‘This is this person’s reputation.’ You’ve got to factor in their whole career, what they’ve come from and what they’ve done.”