Charla Nash a 57 year old New England woman was awarded $4 million in a settlement after her brother filed a lawsuit on her behalf seeking $50 million in damages from the estate of a woman who owned a Chimpanzee that mauled Nash years ago. Sandra Herold the owner of the Chimpanzee recently passed away, but the incident at Herold’s house the day her pet Chimpanzee Travis was on the loose is a day that changed Nash’s life forever. Ms. Nash was called to help lure Travis back in the house but Travis went crazy and mauled Nash, ripping off her hands, lips, nose, eye lids, and leaving her blind, before being shot to death by a police officer on site. Nash’s brother says that the amount of money awarded is meaningless when considering the status of his sisters life but hopefully that $4 million can help her cope with the events of that traumatic day. Check the gallery above for Photos of the victim and the culprit.

Travis had been featured in commercials and film, and was Herold’s number one confident. Herold fed Travis Steak, Lobster, Ice Cream, and Travis also liked to sip wine out of fine glassware. Apparently Travis even dressed himself, sounds like quite the pet.

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