If you haven’t heard about LifeProof cases prepare to be amazed! LifeProof has made cases that you can pretty much put through anything. Water is no longer the ultimate evil to your cellphone, tablet etc. Best Buy just had a MAJOR price drop on ’em as part of their 2-day sale! Don’t miss out on this mega sale… Sure to regret it at these prices. Hit the jump…

Tat Wza

Best Buy has dropped the price of the LifeProof case to $79.99! Hit the link below to take advantage of this promotion!! [while supplies last]

All cases are Military 810f-516, which is the standard given to any device that can with stand a very heavy drop shock as well as resistant to dust particles of an extremely small size. With a rating of IP-68, this case is ready to be left in the rain or maybe taken for a swim. LifeProof doesn’t stop at the cases. Keep shopping to see their accessory line-up as well; including under water head phones!!