Texting has completely warped the way we communicate. No longer do we answer the phone every time it rings, or pick up the phone to call people when we need them. Texting gives us the connection without the obligation. This has definitely changed the way we speak and type; for better and for worse. Our grammar may not be the best, but we can multi-task like nobodys business! Hit the jump for some cool facts and video.

Tat Wza

20 years ago today Neil Papworth, a developer at Sema Group Telecoms, sent the first ever SMS [Short Message Service] text message; The message read “Merry Christmas”. Now, 3.3 billion subscribers communicate through short, 160 character messages sent from cellphones, PC’s or even an internet capable device such as an iPod or Tablet. Most early devices did not have SMS capability, until years later when Nokia stepped in. Their complete line up was the first of all manufacturers to support SMS texting. Today, it’d be hard to find a phone without a full keyboard, where as in that time Nokia’s 9000i [Pic Above] Communicator was way ahead of its time!