Hell has no fury like a woman scorned, that’s what they say right? Well from my experience of seeing some crazy things go down it is very true. Ahhh that very moment you realize love has been lost and you completely lose your mind for at least a moment and rage possesses you. Yes, a feeling some of us are all too familiar with, you stop thinking about consequences and immediately act! Of course once the anger subsides and you realize you’re better off without him/her you may regret some of the vengeance you took upon him/her or NOT. Let’s take a look at what I believe the top 10 a broken hearted women can be capable of at the time she realizes he isn’t coming back. Hit the jump.  What have you done?
Steph B

1. Grab the nearest object and run beside his car, yes then proceed to BREAK all windows and or dent it as much as possible.
2. Scheme! Yes, think about how many ways you can ruin his life enough that he won’t be happy with anyone else.
3. Go after the current girlfriend and try to cause damage or break them up.
4. Burn his things(No Left-eye though)
5. Stalk him enough to know what he does every minute of the day and use it against him someway, somehow.
6. If they had kid(s) , use them against them for their advantage
7. Rebound like it’s their job, sleep with countless men to try and find one like him
8. Leak his pics on to the web(especially of he’s small)

*Not condoning this behavior*