Can you believe it’s almost 2013?  You know what that means….lots of 2012 Top 10 lists!  Wondering which athlete was the most searched in 2012?  We got the list for you!


According to Paul M. Banks at BIN:

Peyton Manning has taken over the reigns as the most searched athlete on Bing in 2012, with last year’s winner Maria Sharapova coming in as #4 most searched athlete overall, while remaining the most searched female athlete.  Check out the top 10:

1 Peyton Manning
2 Tiger Woods
3 Tim Tebow
4 Maria Sharapova
5 Kobe Bryant
6 Serena Williams
7 Lamar Odom
8 LeBron James
9 Cristiano Ronaldo
10 Terrell Owens


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