Well its been 20 years now that we still can’t prove if electronics effect the take off and landing of a flight. What has been a cautious topic, can now be suppressed with a ton of tests and data that prove otherwise. The chairman of the FCC has reached out to the head of the FAA regarding the issue. Definitely agree with how he feels, what you think? Hit the jump…

Tat Wza

The FAA has put together a research group who will investigate gadgets on planes, however cell phone use will not be reviewed. FCC Chairman Genachowski wrote to the FAA’s Michael Huerta explaining that the review is being done during a time of great innovation. Mobile devices are inter-woven into our lifestyles to stay informed and connected with friends and family. Also mentions how small businesses can be more efficient and productive which in return will drive economic growth and boost U.S. competitiveness. What you think? Even with the research… You feel safe with 50-60 cell phones + laptops + tablets all connects tweeting and zapping away? Let us know !!!