Remember in January when LeBron was caught riding his bike to get to the Heat/Bulls game?!  He said it was because of traffic.  Well he was either not telling the full truth or had a revelation later because he is now taking his biking game very serious.  Come to find out that he’s been riding his bike back and forth to Heat games!  Can you imagine driving somewhere & you see LeBron riding his bike past you?! Lol.
Check out why he said he’s doing it, how he avoids fans and what his teammate/friend Dwyane Wade had to say about it…


According to Chris Tomasson at FoxSports:

Why LeBron is traveling by bike: 

Riding his bike 45 minutes to games and also to some practices this season is one reason James believes he’s in the best shape of his life. It’s hard to argue considering James’ 22 points in Tuesday’s 103-92 win over Minnesota at AmericanAirlines Arena marked the 43rd consecutive playoff or regular-season game in which he’s tallied 20 or more.

“I’ve got a personal vendetta against myself right now,” James said.  When asked why, James said it was “because I don’t like me.” He then said he was joking and gave the real reason why.

“I want to get better,” James said. “I want to maximize everything I can and not waste an opportunity each and every day to compete and to get better as a player. I want to be the best and I got to push the button sometimes.

“I’m just challenging myself. I just got a challenge with myself. I feel like if I’m in the best condition I can be in, it’s going to help our team. If I feel like I’m in the best shape I’m in, then we’re going to be a better team.”

Dwyane Wade on LeBron:

“He’s a different animal,” Wade said of James. “He’s been riding a long (time), and it’s great for recovery. But he’s a different beast. What can you say?”

James insists he’s “careful” when riding in the dark. Still, teammate Dwyane Wade said some on the Heat were concerned when he headed home after the Wizards game.

“Everybody was a little worried,” Wade said. “But he’s a grown man. So it’s fine.”

On fans recognizing LeBron:

James said he gets recognized during trips. But just as it’s hard to catch James in the open court, it’s also difficult to do so when he’s in full gear on his bike.

“People try to stop me but I’ll be in a zone,” James said.