WhatsApp Messenger

iMessage, BBM, etc. all sent people in their respective ways. What if you wanted to talk to everyone though? Not just people who have the same phone as you? WhatsApp Messenger is your guy! All the great features the other guys have, mixed together in one application without the garbage. They’ve dropped the price temporarily so hit the jump for the download link!

Tat Wza

WhatsApp gives you full capability of sending media files, from pictures and videos to voice notes, there’s nothing you can’t share! Group chat sends a hard to read, jumbo text to older Blackberry users, but with WhatsApp everyone see’s the same clean user interface. [Screenshots in gallery above] One thing users do stay with Blackberry for, is the International capability of the messenger app. No crazy expensive international charges; as long as you have WhatsApp downloaded, your good to chat! The app has a ton of customization features, as well as a contact scan so you don’t have to go asking everyone if they have/don’t have the app.

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