Melissa Nelson was fired from her position of a dental assistant because he boss found her too irresistible and feared that the two would have an affair later down the road. Nelson said that her boss and her never engaged in anything that would lead him to believe anything could happen between them. She did recall a few moments of inappropriate behavior from the boss that she never even responded to, including him telling her that if her clothes were too revealing that his pants might bulge. On Friday the Supreme Court of Iowa court, with only male judges, ruled that James Knight was within legal rights of firing Nelson. SMH. Read more below.

Julie A.

Nelson claims that she worked for the dentist for ten years and said that during her last year and a half there, things did get a little weird. She said the dentist began texting her with both work and personal updates, such as texts about their children. Nelson recalls one text message in which her boss asked her how many times she’s orgasmed. According to ABC, the dentist’s wife also works in the office and was the one who called for her firing saying she acted inappropriate at work. Nelson was also said to have been dressing in a revealing and distracting way, but I really have no idea how scrubs can be revealing.