ChatOn 2.0

iMessage, BBM etc. all have been developed by their creators to give their specific users a unique chatting experience. Wether it be delivered/received receipts or International chat capability, each app has features that separate them from one another. Samsung has officially joined the group with their latest web-based messaging app, ChatOn 2.0! Continue for download link, pics & video…

Tat Wza


ChatOn 2.0

ChatOn 2.0 is Samsung’s first go at their own messaging application. So far, so good! reviews have been nothing but positive, and feedback has been great! With added features such as picture/video/voice-note sending as well as group-text ease of use. Animessage is a customized picture-message you can fully edit and send to friends, also Anicons give it a personalized touch different from others. Pictures, Video & Download Links below…

Sign Up for ChatOn 2.0 HERE !!!

Download for iOS HERE & Download for Android HERE  !!!