Yo, this is CRAZY! You got to be sick as hell or hungry as all hell to bite someone’s finger off! Ricardo Marquis Davis a FL resident was driving his girlfriend to work (Taco Bell) when he claims that they got into an argument, she pushed his head and he BITE off her thumb. My dude you were on your way to Taco Bell. You could have eaten there!
A nurse at Health First Holmes Regional Medical Center called Palm Bay police said spokeswoman Yvonne Martinez. The women was uttering, “I can’t believe he bit my thumb off,” which is why the nurse called officials. When police got to the hospital the woman was gone so they went to her last known address where they found Davis. He admitted to committing the crime. Of course he’s in jail on serious WATCH! Oh yea…they were NOT able to re-attach the thumb. Drop down bottom for more.

JaaiR (JR)

Florida Today