Aw! It’s nice to see responsible fathers! Wiz being extra ambitious, as the due date rapidly comes. Wiz has some big plans for the birth of her child. He shows off a booklet on home births on Sunday, reading up on it to understand what Amber is going through and to help her out! Amber Rose is at least looking into the idea, something that a few celebs have been looking into lately. One of the most recents to look into it is Kourtney Kardashian, but opted out when she watched a few for herself. As Wiz held onto Amber, he’s seen holding the booklet then later takes a photo to show it to the world. Dope! Only thing Wiz, those nails?! Got to go. Amber’s always at the nail salon, GO WITH HER! See the photos of Wiz, the responsible dad with the bad nails below!

Biz Baby