The ratio of male to female rappers in hip hop has and sadly probably will never be equal. It seems that currently there is practically no female representation the game so it’s always good when a good female makes a breakthrough or a female heads back to the studio to create new music. A certain female rapper announced that she is in fact back in the studio finishing up her album. Let’s just hope it’s not as awful as the attempts she’s had in the recent past, but they probably will be. Find out who it is below.

Julie A.

Lil Kim tweeted an apology for cancelling an appearance saying that she had to head to the studio. She said, “I will be in the studio finishing up my new album!!” It’s been two years since her yawn-fest mixtape, Black Friday and she’s already announced she’s teaming up with Kelly Osbourne for a track so we’ll wait and see how this turns out.