Three BILLION?!  My lawd!!!!  Where did I go wrong with my life? Lol.  Can you guess which sports team is valued at over $3 billion?  Check out who it is after the jump…

According to ESPN:

Manchester United has become the first sports team in the world to be valued at more than $3 billion, Forbes Magazine reported Monday.

A surge in the club’s shares after a poor start when they were offered on the New York Stock Exchange in August has seen the overall value of United rise to $3.3 billion.

According to Forbes, United is comfortably ahead of the world’s second-most-valuable sports team, the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys, worth $2.1 billion.

The United shares were initially offered to the public at $14 and are now worth just under $17. The market cap — or the outstanding value of the team’s market share — is $2.78 billion.

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