Believe it or not this happens quite often in Saudi Arabia. There are many rich kids in the country due to being descendants of families that have controlled oil for decades. With that said alot of the younger people have alot of toys to play with and one of the favorite things to do in the country is drifting. People line the streets in a very unsafe manner and watch the racers and drivers drift all over the place, usually within inches of the crowds. But with a setup like that eventually someone will run out of luck and not be able to cheat death again. That is exactly what happens in the graphic video below. You will see one of the members of the crowd be thrown about 15 feet in the air and land on his head. After research it was confirmed the person died as a result of being hit the by the car that drifted out of control,SMH. Sad thing is it wont change anything over there. These events with the unsafe measure will still go on. Check it after the jump.