By Now, We Know about the Tell All Book that is coming from Erica Mena, One Of Love & Hip Hop NY’s Stars, and it’s titled “Underneath IT All”, and Reading From Tweets it will Be out this April, Published by lffpublishing. With Stories like the Dj Envy Saga, we May very well get a diff perspective of Erica that we hadn’t seen on the tube. You have to remember TV(even reality) is Edited to make it interesting across the masses, But this Book will Be Eric’s Words…”From The Horses Mouth” as it were. On Twitter Erica has made some pretty interesting statements, Hit the Gallery to see what she has said!

Me Personally(Tat Wza), I love to see the rachetness on LHH, and being a single dude, half the reason I make sure we tune in every monday(8p on VH1) is because I want to see those Sexy Women like Erica, Tahiry, and Raqi Thunda, some of y’all don’t like them just because of that very same reason…lol some of them don’t even like each other for that reason, BUT it is what it is, like it or not. IF they are doing something ‘Not Right’, it’s Not really on Any of us to judge, that’s really God’s Position, and If you Don’t Like that type of thing, just don’t watch, But you know you Will. Just like it’s Most likely You will pick up this Book Erica is putting out, So you can say one way or another “I would do the same thing”, Or “I would Never Do that”. At the End of the day, you want the ‘Dish’, you want to know why the fight with the BD happened, you want to know for sure she didn’t know Envy was Married, You want to know If She Really Gets Down with Women Too, You want to know Exactly where her and Rich Dollaz is at, and All the Behind the scenes Of Love & Hip Hop NY’s gritty Details!!! All you need to do is wait until April.