The family of Lakers’ owner Dr. Jerry Buss were very quiet & private about Dr. Buss and his health issues, but now for fans that want to know what happened to the legendary owner – his death certificate has been revealed.
Details and a copy of the death certificate after the jump…


*Death Certificate above in gallery*

According to TMZ:

Late L.A. Lakers owner Jerry Buss suffered from prostate cancer before ultimately succumbing to kidney failure … this according to his death certificate.

According to the doc, Buss suffered from metastatic sarcomatoid prostate cancer in the 15 months leading to his death on February 18th. The cancer is listed as the second underlying cause of death.

It was widely reported that Dr. Buss was battling cancer before his death, but the cancer was never specified.

The immediate cause of death is listed as renal (kidney) failure, and the first underlying cause of death is listed as respiratory failure.

Buss was 80. He’s survived by his 6 children.