Suzanne Nassie from Massachusetts is furious after walking into a Walmart, buying an iPad and it… wasn’t real. To her surprise, turned out to be only a piece of plastic painted to look like a real tablet. She claimed she knew there was an issue as soon as she opened up the package. The tablet was so strange that even Walmart turned her away when she tried getting her refund, only 20 minutes after she had purchased it. ‘This isn’t even a real device,’ she claimed after she realized it was a fake, ‘Somebody put a phony device in that box.’ There wasn’t even a cord! At first, Walmart tried sending Nassie to Apple – till she got furious (as anyone would be) and demanded a refund. ‘There’s a speaker that’s suppose to be on the back, it’s just little painted dots,’ she told CBS. ‘When I peered inside at the port on the back where you’re suppose to charge it, it’s just plastic. No metal prongs or anything of that nature.’ Crazy! Be careful when you buy these items, my opinion is, best bet is just buying it from Apple themselves!

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