Jessica Bangkok is a known porn star as well as a radio host for an SiriusXM show named, Radio Sex. The owner of the channel went through with an investigation into one of the segments and found that Jessica allowed Mr. Marcus to have sex on the show – another porn star who’s known to have syphilis. If you remember Mr. Marcus was going around having sex with girls in the industry, knowing that he had the STD (he forged his papers). Which is why the owner is furious with Jessica. UMMM, EW. How could you not tell someone, especially with that being your profession. CRAY!
Debi Diamond and Nicki Hunter were also fired, because they were performing sexual acts on the show as well. Yes, it’s a sex show, but they don’t have the proper permits and things to have the actual sex happen. Better get to looking for new employment. Drop down bottom for more.

JaaiR (JR)

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