Well this sucks. Google’s CFO & SVP Patrick Pichette said at the Morgan Stanley Technology Conference that “we’ve inherited an 18 month pipeline of products that are not to the standards of what Google would consider is wow – innovative, transformative. We have to drain out that pipeline.” Google bought Motorola for $12.5 billion on May 22, 2012, so if you do the math, we’ll have to wait to until November of this year to see these “innovative” products that Pichette speaks of. You can read more in the link after the jump including an audio clip.

Tat Wza

I was kinda wondering myself, Like Now that Google Owns Motorola, Why aren’t there like some Really Dope Android devices on the Market?! I mean Google Created Android, and they have a Flagship Android device(the Nexus) that is on a Diff manufacturer every year, and there is a rumor that the finally will(possibly) release a Motorola Nexus, But Now that we know they have a pre-existing Pipeline to deal with(PAUSE), and have to get some of these jankey products out, who knows when that ‘Nexus X’ will be available.
But let me say, Google, can you please at least help Motorola with some of these bumbass devices?!?!????

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