IFWT_Slame cover preview

In the newest edition of Slam Magazine, SLAM and XXL connected on a special issue about hoops, hip-hop and Reebok’s influence. They released 2 covers, called Kings of the Game where Allen Iverson, Rick Ross and Tyga (but where’s Swizzy?) cover the magazine. It’s pretty dope!! #BAWSE Check out the details, video & photos after the jump…





Via SlamOnline:

In the two years since Reebok brought Swizz Beatz on board, ideas have been blossoming on the Reebok Classics campus in Canton, MA. Rick Ross, the big bawse, was brought on board. Tyga, YMCMB’s last king of Rack City, has joined the movement. Classic snapbacks and Basquiat t-shirts have popped up in music videos. Ex-O-Fits and Workouts have become constants on stages at concerts across the country. In essence, Reebok, whose roots in hip-hop date back to classic names such as Soulja Slim and the Hot Boy$ and Jay-Z and G-Unit, is most definitely back.

In this special case, that moment of creation took the form of a mid-winter photo shoot that saw Ross, Swizz and Tyga, two rappers and a producer from three very different parts of the country in three very different stages of their careers with three very different tastes in fashion and footwear, come together on one set. As the cameras clicked and flashed, the three artists talked art, money, music and clothes. They preened for the photographer. They sat down for interviews with writers and danced and handled a basketball for the video cameras (check the trailer below for a taste, and stay tuned for next week’s launch of a microsite that will boast all sorts of exclusive video content). Most of all, everyone had a good time.

The shoot was a momentous moment—and this magazine, which also includes plenty of other big names in basketball and music, is a momentous result.

Look for it on newsstands in NYC this weekend, and everywhere you buy SLAM and XXL next week.

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