…and it continues. After not one, but two apologies, Rick Ross is still being talked discredited. Plenty, worldwide have passed judgement on Ross, because they are not fans, which is clearly the reason that Big or Em could get away with lyrics that offend. They are artists who not many disliked. Most people didn’t even pay attention to Ross’ line until it was pointed out by someone else. Killing, slanging dope, f***ing hoes is something you’ll bounce your head to until the artist that you don’t like says it. Drop down bottom and listen, while Talib Kweli (yet again), Rosenberg, and Ebro give their opinions and then give yours. Do you think Ross should have to continuously apologize and why is it that him and Lil’ Wayne gets slandered for such lyrics, but Eminem and Biggie got a pass?

JaaiR (JR)