With everybody ready to point fingers at the Tsarnaev brothers after the Boston Marathon Bombing; even family members have spoken out against the boys, as the manhunt continues not everybody is pleased with the evidence provided. At times like these we’re always ready to get the bad guy, but in our desires to make someone pay for the crimes, it’s also important that we remember that these suspect(s) are inocent until proven guilty. Maret Tsarnaev, the Aunt of the two boys spoke out to reporters in Canada earlier today saying that the evidence she’s seen is not enough for her to say that her nephews are guilty. Maret who claims that she is a lawyer seems very clear about how she feels on the situation, not enough evidence has been given, and there’s an awful lot of pressure on the authorities to catch the one remaining Tsarnaev brother. If the 19 year old Dzhokhar get’s his day in court and he’s guilty then punish him accordingly, but nobody wants to see somebody pay for someone else’s crime. Watch the video down bellow!

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