Ozzy & Sharon during happy times
Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne are splitting after many years of marriage. Ozzy relapsed with drugs and alcohol and although Sharon has helped him become clean numerous times, she has had enough. Ozzy has admitted to the relapse saying that he was an “as*hole” to the ones close to him and insisted that he and Sharon will not be divorcing. Sharon, who has made a name for herself over the years with shows like “The Talk” and “X-Factor,”  is said to have come to her breaking point and has been living in a “personal hell” as of late. Sharon has been attempting to get Ozzy clean for the past year and a half and simply cannot do it anymore. There is said to be one major thing that happened that really drove her over the edge. Read more below.

Julie A.

While high, Ozzy wouldn’t change his clothes or wash himself for days. The legendary rocker would often go missing for hours and even days on end. During one really bad time, he was convinced that his wife was trying to kill him and that was the turning point for Sharon. Ozzy has been so messed up that he is seeing and hearing things that are not there and is convinced that he can win Sharon back, but that doesn’t seem likely. Hopefully he gets the help he needs to get clean and stay clean!