IFWT_Kobe Dahntay

When Kobe Bryant was “Jalen Rose’d” by Atlanta Hawks player Dahntay Jones, there was the big debate on whether Dahntay did it on purpose. Kobe & Dahntay went back and forth on Twitter about it, but there was never a resolution. Well Dahntay is apologizing (again) – I wonder if Kobe (who is still recovering from the injury) will respond to this?!
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Via TMZ:

Dahntay Jones says he feels REALLLY bad about injuring Kobe Bryant’s ankle right before the NBA playoffs … but he’s adamant, he didn’t do it on purpose!

Jones was at LAX yesterday when he told TMZ … even though it’s only been 2 months since the controversial play, he doesn’t hold a grudge against people like Ice Cube — who called him a dirty cheater days after the play.

In case you forgot, Lakers fans were calling for Dahntay’s head after Kobe landed on DJ’s ankle during a jump shot on March 13 — with people saying Dahntay put his foot in Kobe’s jump zone with the intention of injuring the NBA star.

“I apologize once again,” DJ told us … “I wish you a speedy recovery, Kobe.”

Forgive him yet?