Kevin Durant is going hard for his current hometown of Oklahoma City and other nearby towns that were affected by the huge tornado that swept across the area earlier this week. Athletes in the past have stepped up for charitable causes and in times of need for people. Most players make a donation, say a few words and keep it moving. KD is going above and beyond. Read more after the jump.


At this point, Durant looks more like the Pope instead of a basketball player to local residents. He already donated $1 million dollars himself. Then we told you guys about him going to impacted areas and helping clean up and trying to touch people in person and give some people who just suffered through a tragedy something to smile about. Then he was answering phones for the red cross. Now he got Nike to team up with him and donate another $1 million dollars worth of Nike products, as well as donate all sales of Durant’s “KD V Elite” sneaker that are purchased through Nike.com between May 23 and June 15th. This dude just won’t stop giving. When most people would of felt they have done enough to help, he continues to sacrifice his own time and look for ways to do more, just like he does on the court. He needs to win man of the year or something.