IFWT_UtahBoyA 15 year old Utah boy was babysitting his two little brothers while his mother was taking some of his siblings to a dance recital. The father was away on active military duty and the mother had put the 15 year old in charge but when she got back to her West Point home, she found her 4 year old son dead and couldn’t locate her other two sons. After authorities arrived they found the 10 year old also slain. The 15 year was not found until later but was taken into custody by the police. The local district attorney is debating whether to try this boy as a child or as an adult, and the mannner of the boy’s deaths seem to be consistent with knife wounds to the body. A neighbor of the family says the 15 year old was the oldest of the couples 6 children four of which were adopted. Both of the slain children were the adopted brother of the 15 year old, possibly being part of the boys motive. Hit the jump for more.

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