IFWT Jay-Z-and-Geno-Smith

When Jay-Z teamed up with the Creative Arts Agency (CAA) to create Roc Nation Sports management, many sports agents were not happy.  The influence of Jay-Z in combination with the power of the CAA is enough to make other sports agents shook and they’re fighting back.  Read more after the jump.

Shay Marie

Since Jay-Z isn’t a NFLPA certified agent, he is prohibited from persuading or having any influence over players signing with his agency.  Agents persuaded the NFLPA to look into Victor Cruz’s signing with Tom Condon of the CAA and his subsequent signing with Roc Nation Sports for marketing.  Now they’re looking into Geno Smith’s signing with Roc Nation Sports as well.

via NFL.com

The union is planning to send a letter of inquiry to Roc Nation Sports agent Kim Miale to gather more information about Jay-Z’s involvement in courting Smith. The recently instituted “runner rule” prohibits agents from having colleagues or friends who aren’t NFLPA certified agents present for recruiting meetings.

Earlier this week, Smith’s adviser John Thornton, a former NFL defensive tackle, was quoted by CBS as saying “I was in those meetings, and Jay-Z connected with him on many levels.” Thornton later said he was misquoted.

The real smoking gun might be a picture that Smith posted of Jay-Z and himself on Instagram during the quarterback’s recent re-recruitment process, which kicked off after Smith fired agent Jeff Nalley.