Inspiration always comes from somewhere!  It wasn’t just Hov’s idea to make the Brooklyn Nets uniforms black & white.  There was another NBA that helped the Nets make that decision.  Nope, no one on the Nets and not LeBron.  Check out who it was after the jump…



Via BR:

Derrick Rose is everywhere, including in Brooklyn.

According to Nets Daily, Brooklyn Nets vice president Fred Mangione told the Sports Business Journal that the team settled on the color scheme and jersey they did courtesy of the Chicago Bulls’ superstar:

The Nets considered a red-white-and-blue mark tied to their old ABA days with Julius Erving. They also looked at black and gold, colors symbolizing the borough of Brooklyn, but the scheme looked too much like the Pittsburgh Steelers, Mangione said. They settled on black as a primary color after finding out a nontraditional black jersey for Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose outsold a regular home jersey for Miami Heat star LeBron James, he said.